We are a group of creative people with a new fresh perspective on fashion and retail.

A Message from terra

We have been determined since 2008 to create a better world, while doing what we love. We strive to support the preservation of native cultures and expand awareness towards sustainability while creating a positive alternative for the consumer.

Our commitment to our consumer is to create a better option for women’s creative expression while taking care of our Mother Earth.

Our passion is to communicate about this sustainable alternative and at the same time create beautiful pieces for women to look incredible and powerful.

We strive to raise the vibration of your everyday life

with natural materials, that will have a positive impact on this generation and future ones and support the preservation of indigenous culture. We invite you to take your daily decisions seriously and with heart. We want to offer you beautiful choices that will create a difference in your life, and our planet. Protecting the planet from damaging practices is done with every choice we make, little or small. We have learned from indigenous cultures how their ways always consider the Pachamama (Mother Earth & the Cosmos), and we have brought that vision to you through beautiful products.

The Story

Of these ancient cultures contains a wisdom and an intelligence.  When it comes to shopping for fashion accessories, there are always plenty of options; however, not every option has a positive impact on society or the planet. We are here to offer a real handmade indigenous product, that will help keep your vibration high, with natural and intelligent materials.

We strive to connect you to women in South America that live in harmony with Nature and we want to share their knowledge about healing and Natures medicine, through products that are made from renewable materials that originate from the Amazon Rainforest itself.

All designs are exclusive of Terra Natural Designs. We work in cooperation with our artisans to give the products a current look and a value proposition for women all around the world.