Strategic Alignment

Brand Strategy


Our target consumer is a Life of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) shopper looking for a mindful alternative in terms of consumption. This consumer is looking for high vibration products that improve their overall lifestyle and help them balance a hectic life with health, spirituality, connection to nature and community with others.


Terra Natural Designs offers products designed to meet the needs of the outdoor lifestyle, enhance daily self-care routines, and connect the shopper with ethnic communities throughout the Americas. All of this creates an enjoyable and meaningful shopping experience for the consumer.

Alignment with

Terra Natural Designs has created a "Direct Business Model" that has allowed us to offer these products at a lower average price, giving the consumer an implicit discount on every purchase. This model makes the products accessible to most shoppers seeking the LOHAS lifestyle.
The “impulse buy” product has always been a priority for the company. It has ensured the company’s success in grocery stores by prioritizing products under $25 in the product mix and offering. 

Our Mission

Our company aims to offer the consumer a mindful choice in the retail market with a proposition of transparency and a holistically superior product: an affordable, fair trade eco-alternative for apparel, gifts & accessories.

Who are we?

Terra Natural Designs is a creative and dedicated Latin American team with a fresh perspective on fashion and retail. Founded in 2008, we're a woman-managed business determined to help create a better world while trading in beautiful products. We strive to support the preservation of indigenous cultures and increase awareness of sustainability, while offering consumers a positive alternative.

Our Partnerships and Platform: Artisan Crafted

Our project began by collaborating with artisans from the Kichwas and Incas in Ecuador and Peru. Our pieces reflect their traditional handmade work with a unique spin on design to meet our current everyday needs. Their materials have been used for centuries with handmade techniques, designs and colors – that transmit their cultures. By purchasing Terra Natural Designs, you contribute to preserving the cultural heritage of future generations of South American artisans.


Pamela Soto Krarup

MBA with a major in Marketing, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology: Pamela will be responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the marketing strategy for WFM, as well as developing current and future marketing strategies to complement WFM’s efforts to promote the category and products.



Sales Director

Jesse Schele

Business Engineer & Strategy Advisor: Jesse will be responsible for direct contact with the your team to implement sales, product category implementation, etc., delivering critical information and more. 


Dania Krarup

She will be responsible for the online support needed via email at the store level and via physical mail when needed.


Carla Medina

She will be in charge of further developing new products, quality improvements, and price effectiveness. 


Orietta Soto

Business Engineer & Strategy Advisor: Jesse will be responsible for direct contact with the your team to implement sales, product category implementation, etc., delivering critical information and more. 

clients who trust us

“The people at this firm are very professional and talented. They always impress me with their knowledge and dedication.”


“We have been working with the firm for over 15 years. They handle all of our company needs and we’ve never been let down. Highly recommended.”

Natural Grocers

Working partners

“Jesse was so compassionate and really seemed to care about my case! She was so nice to work with and helped me get the results I wanted!”

Whole Foods Market

Brand Diferentiation

The Art of crafting

Impulse Buy Product Mix

IMPULSE BUY PRODUCT MIX: Our brand has the competitive advantage of working with health food stores for over a decade. During this time, we have learned the essential attributes of a product for the health-food consumer. Our brand offers handcrafted & sustainable quality vegan alternatives to a category of products usually found in department stores at a very high price or in a low quality/ high price destination store. We offer this range of products at an impulse price; all items are under $30, and most items are under $25.


We offer a complete collection of apparel and accessories that complement apparel and footwear at an impulse buy price-point. This is presented on a customized display, creating a unique ‘shopping experience’. Signage is optional but recommended, and we also offer promotional marketing support for the consumer.

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competitive model

We offer high-quality products based on great partnerships with our artisans and clients. 

We can work directly with our artisans, having our offices in Quito-Ecuador, and our own distribution center in the Midwest, shipping directly across the country.

Working with no intermediaries offers excellent value for the consumer: the shopping experience of a destination shop, the quality of a department store, and the competitive prices of a convenience store, 

all with the purchase impact of a health food store. 

This has been our model since 2012 with Wholefoods Mid-Atlantic, showing to be very successful throughout the years.



LOHAS stands for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability,” a term used to describe a consumer demographic that values healthy living, social and environmental responsibility, and sustainable lifestyles. LOHAS consumers are interested in various products and services that promote personal and planetary health, including organic food, natural personal care products, renewable energy, eco-tourism, green building, and more.

The LOHAS movement is characterized by a desire for environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and culturally sensitive products. It is a growing trend as more and more people become aware of the impact of their actions on the planet and seek ways to live more sustainably and healthily.


LOHAS people tend to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities that promote health and well-being, as well as connect them with nature. Some of the most popular outdoor activities for LOHAS enthusiasts include:

LOHAS consumers enjoy hiking and trekking in natural environments, such as mountains, forests, and national parks. They value physical exercise and the opportunity to connect with nature.

Many LOHAS individuals practice yoga and meditation outdoors, providing a peaceful and serene environment to connect with their bodies and minds.

LOHAS consumers often choose cycling as a transportation or leisure activity to stay active and reduce their carbon footprint.

LOHAS individuals often enjoy gardening and growing their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which can be a source of fresh, healthy food.

1.LOHAS enthusiasts may enjoy surfing, paddleboarding, and other water sports, which offer a fun and challenging way to stay active and enjoy the natural environment.

Overall, LOHAS consumers prioritize outdoor activities that promote personal health and well-being while respecting and protecting the natural environment.

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


Market Growth

The current (2022) United States Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) total addressable market (TAM) is estimated to be approximately $472.51 billion.

The total addressable market (TAM) for the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) in the United States was $355 billion in 2019, up from $290 billion in 2008.

The market is predicted to grow at 10% per year.

Regarding the number of consumers, TAM for LOHAS in the United States grew from 19% of the total US adult population to nearly one-third in 2019. According to a recent report, the United States population patronizing the green market (environmentally friendly goods and services) was 78% in 2021.

The global ethical fashion TAM grew from $6,345.3 million in 2019 to $8,246 million in 2023, and it is forecast to reach $15,173 million in 2030 after recording $9,808 million in 2025.


Our retail store has given us important insights into consumer behavior and the following steps:

  • When shopping for Apparel, people want to see clothing, even if they purchase Accessories.

  • Clothing is the focal point; people stop and enter the store because of clothing.

  • High-quality tops are highly in demand.

  • The handmade artwork, natural fibers, and pictures of the artisans making the products make the customers feel at home. The customer longs for that connection with natural things & genuine people.

For this reason, we have partnered with our artisans to create our most successful product line, which is our Winter Apparel Line. We have been successfully showcasing our Winter Line since 2016.

Since 2020, we have been developing our new summer clothing line to be launched in 2024-2025 for wholesale. 

This is a line of organic and semi-organic cotton with serigraphy & prints, focusing on a modern look and high-quality/price-competitive garments. This business venture is based on a partnership with a renowned South American artist who comes to The Other Fair Art Show in Dallas and L.A. every year.



Impulse Buy?



Terra has created various display options to showcase each collection and fit perfectly into health food store areas and shelving, such as metro racks, side racks, and more. This is the best way to create amazing spaces that will create a unique shopping experience for your customers, giving them the feeling of a store within a store.

With a proven success record in this same product category in the Mid-Atlantic stores, the sales will be achieved with an EDLC (Everyday Low Cost) strategy. Displays types & displays delivery times will be finalized in the calendar when the assortments are completed. To see our complete display catalog


In-Shelf Placement



Our Athleisure line is perfect for cross-merchandising and complementing your current mix of products in the HBC, sports, or gift section. We have put together a proposal for this mix and this specific placement


We can create a mix of both proposals depending on the type of store. 

Usually, we categorize stores into A, B & C, with different foot traffic & demographics

  • Stores A, highest foot traffic and demographics: these stores can showcase more significant offerings, including Outerwear, Athleisure & Hats.
  • Stores B, medium foot traffic and demographics: these stores can have a medium offering that might include Athleisure & Hats
  • Stores C, lowest foot traffic and demographics: these stores can have a small offering that might include Athleisure only, which can be on-shelf or clip strips.

Mid-Atlantic excess product: With this new PO, we can send call tags to all Mid-Atlantic stores to return any older products to standardize the Terra ordering in all stores.

All products are 100% guaranteed: Terra takes back any remaining products when the season ends.

Returns are expected to be about 5%.

Based on the sales data from the mid-Atlantic region in 2021

 (when we worked with plus-outs)

With an investment of $2,020 per store for the season

the sales goals are: 

  • Total income of $3,673
  • An average of $520 per month.
  • Profits of $1,652 per store for the complete season.
  • Rotate the complete offering throughout the season, expecting a 5% of average return.