Our Artisans and their Native Culture


They are the wise men and women who hold a sacred relationship with the world they belong to. They have no intention to be wise, but they can read the leaves and the sky, and they know all the secrets about the colors around them. What nature offers…..they humbly take and give back. They inspire us, and touch us deeply inside; they are the native cultures around the world, those who still know …those who can teach us.

Anita & Jose

Anita and Jose’s love and passion for what they do is reflected in the beauty and simplicity of their Artwork. They actually go straight to the source and collect the seeds to give us the most natural and colorful designs.

Teresa & Cesar

Teresa and Cesar’s colorful work with the Acai Seed always brings joy to us and our customers. They are a great team and excellent artisans – always eager to do their best.

Olga & Cesar

These two are a great couple. Cesar loves being in the workshop perfecting the quality and colors for each season. Olga is always having new ideas for designs and showing us different creative ways of working with the amazing Acai Seed.


Santiago is a great Talented Artist. His creativity and craftsmanship with wire, quartz, crystal and Tagua Nuts are a joy to watch and to learn from. He always has new ideas and creates unique ways to show nature’s best qualities in every piece.

Magdalena & Albert

From the dying to the perfection of every Tagua piece, Magdalena is always setting a strict quality control to assure the highest standards and to make the most beautiful pieces. While Albert’s leadership is imperative in guiding their great team of Women Artisans who bring you the most unique and special handmade Jewelry.


Magdalena has beautiful large necklaces that will make a statement. A beautiful artisan that will make seeds and nuts look like jewels.


This lovely, joyful and hard-working group of women brings us the most elegant designs, working with different seeds and color pallets, they make each piece a statement. They are always learning new techniques and exploring new materials, plus they have great stories to tell, making every visit a new adventure.