Signs of nature that guide those who know how to read them, those who preserve the connection with our human roots and our divine aspect.

The smell of the earth, the freshness of the wind, the heat of the sun, the power of water…

They are the wise men and women who hold a sacred relationship with the world they belong to. They have no intention to be wise, but they can read the leaves and the sky, and they know all the secrets about the colors around them. What nature offers…..they humbly take and give back. They inspire us and touch us deeply inside; they are the native cultures around the world, those who still know …those who can teach us.

Terra Natural Designs is committed to creating high vibration products for you but also to support the dream of many women in the Amazon Rainforest to have an economic activity that will allow them to give continuity to their lifestyle and culture without having to sell their land or get job opportunities outside their communities. As a company, we have a special commitment to protect indigenous communities and the Amazon Rainforest that they fiercely defend.

We have been committed since 2008 to empowering indigenous entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their own business, through training and education, supporting their commercial development and their designing process.

Indigenous wisdom

We want to learn from them, we want to spread the word: there are masters dressed as artisans, communicating the ancestral wisdom of our planet through their work. Here it is … the truth we are looking for … in every seed, every stitch … a human intention, a divine force.

Terra Natural Designs

Some might think that the women behind our products are considered impoverished, but these women are not poor. In fact, they are richer than most of the people we know—they live in community, grow their own food, they present awareness about living in harmony with the planet—and all their practices are a reflection of that.

By supporting Terra Natural Designs you are assisting the preservation of the Kichwa, Chuar and Achuar culture (indigenous communities in South America). Crafting jewelry and accessories with sustainable materials is artwork they have developed from generation to generation for hundreds of years.America to preserve and practice their traditional crafts.

Our passion is to communicate about this sustainable alternative and at the same time create beautiful pieces for women to look incredible and powerful and help raise the vibration of their everyday life with Medicine Ornaments.