It seems so simple, "it's just jewelry and accessories". The indigenous people have never viewed ornaments like that. Everything they wear is carefully crafted and carries a vibrational medicine; through the intelligence of their materials, their sacred geometry, patterns and colors, and their own profound connection with nature, each other, and the Earth.

When choosing fashion accessories there are always plenty of options, though few have a measurably positive impact on society or the planet. We are here to offer genuine handmade, indigenous products that help keep your vibration high. Made with natural, intelligent, and beautiful materials.

Our Accessories

Are made preserving the original art and handwork of the indigenous cultures we work with. Kichua, Achuar, Chuar are some of the South American native groups we work with


Our line is comprised of 100% handmade items, created in Ecuador by more than 25 groups of Artisans. We help empower indigenous women to continue building a future for themselves through meaningful work, providing a sustainable network of valuable and appreciative clients


Artisan family

Ancestral Machinery

Quality Control Learned By Generations

Painstaking work

Choice Of Colors

Care In Each Product

Handmade with Love

Indigenous artisans

Get closer to our artisans and becoe a poart of their story by wearing their precious creations.

Their art is printed in each one of our pieces, giving our customers the opportunity to experience a new way of accessorizing, with meaningful and soulful pieces.

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