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We at Terra Natural Designs seek the integration of Social Justice and Conscious Consumption. We offer sustainable alternatives in the Fashion and Gift Industries by using renewable and sustainable materials that help protect and preserve the Amazon Rainforest, while creating opportunities for indigenous cultures in South America to preserve and practice their traditional crafts.


We have been working with Boutiques, Resorts, Museums, Health Food Stores and Supermarkets for several years and we understand the key factors to create a successful return in their investment. We believe that companies with a sustainable philosophy and a positive social impact should become the next era of department stores.

As Terra Natural Designs will do everything to help you successfully venture into gifts, accessories and fashion, with the right product, the right price, and the right story behind what you offer. 

Successfully Venturing into Gifts since 2008

Offering jewelry and accessories can be a very difficult task if you don’t have the right fixtures available. Some other times  your retails space is not well used because of how your furniture is built in your store.

Our EcoBoutiques go from small countertop displays to entire end caps, and you can find thee right fit for your store browsing our EcoBoutiques.

We take the stress out of the picking and choosing with our pre-packs you can find below. 


They are the wise men and women who hold a sacred relationship with the world they belong to. They have no intention to be wise, but they can read the leaves and the sky, and they know all the secrets about the colors around them. What nature offers…..they humbly take and give back. They inspire us, and touch us deeply inside; they are the native cultures around the world, those who still know …those who can teach us.


Accessories are not only to look beautiful, but also to feel graceful and healthy. The Rainforest has a unique intelligence that will call on and strengthen your own healing powers. Indigenous cultures use seeds to craft jewelry and carry the powers of their medicinal plants with them.

A positive purchase impact.
For the planet, for the people and
for you.
These seeds have the ability to help the human body to be healthier and more balanced. The amazing qualities of these seeds, berries, and nuts are not only available when they are eaten but also when they are carried on the body.
Supporting sustainability and social justice since 2008.