Protecting the planet from damaging practices is done with every choice we make, little or small.

Our Materials

We have learned from indigenous cultures how their ways always consider the Pachamama (Mother Earth & the Cosmos), and we have brought that vision to you, through beautiful products. The story of these ancient cultures contains a wisdom and an intelligence.  

Instead of the use of plastic, polluting materials and metals, we can use renewable seeds, like the indigenous people wear.

The more seeds we use, the more power and economic value we give to the Rainforest, and the more we support the people that take care of it.

100% handmade products made in Ecuador

The seeds we use for our pieces sustain the preservation and replanting of the palm trees helps by protecting the Amazon Rainforest and supporting indigenous communities from the Amazon, By using renewable and ethically sourced products, we help preserve the Rainforest and the cultural heritage its people.

Terra Natural Designs

Our business has worked tirelessly for eight years to offer consumers mindful choices, transparency and a superior product proposition, and an eco-alternative on fashion and accessories.