Large Beaded Earrings $24.95 – $13.72 pair – Case of Four

Large Beaded Earrings $24.95 – $13.72 pair – Case of Four

SKU: BE2495 – Sold in cases of Four

Our unique and vibrant beaded earrings great for both every day and sophisticated look. Beautiful beaded earrings handcrafted by artisans in Ecuador to ensure the very highest in quality and authenticity with a unique ombre and indigenous colorful designs that will be
included in the case

Fabric Content: Glass beads, surgical steel hooks.

Dimensions: 4.60″ x 1″

Suggest Retail Price: $24.95

Wholesale Price: $13.72

Margin: 45%

UPC: 657768844980

SKU: BE2495

Qty: 4

Asst. Price: $54.88

Dimensions: 4.60″ x 1″

Sold Only as a Case of Four


This products is handmade by indigenous communities in South America, preserving their traditions and customs. 

This product is made with the best practices to create a product with a positive impact on the planet and the people.

Many of our products are created with sustainable materials such as vegan materials like seeds, nuts and berries from the Amazon jungle.

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