This products is handmade by indigenous communities in South America, preserving their traditions and customs. 

This product is made with the best practices to create a product with a positive impact on the planet and the people.

Many of our products are created with sustainable materials such as vegan materials like seeds, nuts and berries from the Amazon jungle.

Essentials Bundle

Small accessories from our vegan and sport collection.

This bundle features small accessories from our vegan and sport collection. From coin pouches, to pencil cases, wristlet purses, and keychains, this selection was created for customers looking for a fun and practical accessory to carry the essentials; credit cards, keys and smartphones. Best merchandised in our Free Standing Slat Wall display.

Products and Quantities as shown in the picture. Minimum order for free display $495, please remove Shipping SKU if you do not want the fixture.

Default quantities in this pack match the Bundle’s picture. Feel free to edit as needed, but please note the merchandising look in-store will vary.

Suggested QTY $666.44


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