Tagua Nut Set – Case of Four

SKU ST01 –  Sold in cases of Four

Hearty, grounding organic Amazonian seeds which represent love, harmony, tranquility, inner strength, fertility, and abundance. Sustainably harvested. Referred to as ‘Vegetable Ivory’ these precious, renewable nuts are dried for 12 months or more and fully cured become hard enough to withstand intricate carving. They are the highly durable raw source material used to create our finest jewelry pieces. Add luster to your Tagua and care for them over time by polishing them with beeswax.

Fabric content: 100% Palo Santo and Acrylic

Sug. Retail Price: $9.95

Wholesale Price: $5.50

Margin: 45.0%


Case Qty: 4

Asst. Price: $22.00

Sold Only as a Cases of Four


This products is handmade by indigenous communities in South America, preserving their traditions and customs. 

This product is made with the best practices to create a product with a positive impact on the planet and the people.

Many of our products are created with sustainable materials such as vegan materials like seeds, nuts and berries from the Amazon jungle.

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