Their art is printed in each one of our pieces to offer our customers the opportunity to experience a new way of accessorizing, with meaningful and soulful pieces.

Handmade Is Meaningful

Our accessories are made preserving the original art and handwork of the indigenous cultures we work with. Kichua, Achuar, Chuar are some of the South American native groups we work with

It seems so simple, "it's just jewelry and accessories".

The indigenous people have never seen it like that. Everything they wear is carefully crafted, and it carries a vibration and a medicine; through the intelligence of their materials, through the sacred patterns and colors, and through their own connection to all of this.

100% handmade products made in Ecuador

by more than 25 groups of artisans. We help and empower indigenous women to create a future for themselves through meaningful work with a sustainable network of important clients. When it comes to shopping for fashion accessories, there are always plenty of options; however, not every option has a positive impact on society or the planet. We are here to offer a real handmade indigenous product, that will help keep your vibration high, with natural and intelligent materials.


If we change the way we think about Fashion; we change the way we think about accessories, we can start making better and healthier choices.


This alternative has an incredible high vibration that will protect you and enhance your ability to heal. I will also support the protection of our precious Rainforests.